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Tragic wildfire destroys ITWA

The story of ITWA

7 Years ago Sonya, Dave and their daughter Jip left Amsterdam and set off to the Algarve. Looking to build a magical paradise. A place where they could invite people to join them to enjoy the Portuguese nature, real food,  each other and pure connections. ITWA brought all those elements together. In the hands of Sonya, Dave and hundreds of volunteers, 40 Hectares of wild, Portuguese nature underwent a metamorphosis. The result was an incredible, dreamlike, off the beaten track camping. Meanwhile, their adorable son, Flint, joined the journey.

After a first setback due to the Covid-19, ITWA was ready for summer, ready to share their slice of paradise with guests. Unfortunately, a disastrous wild fire during the night of 19th June ended this dream prematurely. In no-time their home and all they created was reduced to ashes.  7 Years of dreams, passion and life-work shattered within a matter of hours.

All their belongings, Jip & Flints school gear, the garden, the campground, the handmade tipis and the wonderful lounge/restaurant were destroyed. The raging fire left nothing.

Although dismay and shock are tremendous, Sonya and Dave want to keep their head up and rebuild their dreams. However, first and foremost, they need to build a new home for their family.

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