Eagles nest yoga platform
2PP waterfront tipi
Swinging ropes and tree huts
Organic veggies
The big lake, your view
Morning hikes
Nearby (almost private) beaches
Best surf beaches of Europe
You yourself & You
Cork oak forest
Yoga sessions
The communal ruin
From farm to plate
(almost) Private beach ;-)
Kids make their own pizza
Guests became family
Snowflake and Mouse
2016 Breakfast on bed
Our own oven
More breakfast
2016 Wanderlust Yoga
Delicious self made
Massage on demand
Into the wild look like
5 billion stars
Beach group yoga
Our produce
fresh herbs
No photoshop
Autumn treasures
Tree strawberry
Small lake
Magic tent view
Sunset silhouette
Stunning private yoga spots
Kids love ice-cream
Quality time
Sun heated outside shower
2016 4pp bell tent
Into the Wild Algarve Interior Belt
The big swimming lake
Famous West coast sunsets
Changing weather
Into the Wild Algarve logo