Dear guests,

Each one of us in our own unique way have been dealing with COVID-19 and luckily the worst is behind us and better times lay ahead. As promised in our previous post, we wanted to give you a brief update about the current situation here in Portugal :-).

For us and for your Into the Wild Algarve holiday, two main dates are of great importance; Monday May 18th and Saturday June 6th.

Monday May 18th:

  • Stores, restaurants, bars, cultural places, public transport for most part to reopen under extra safety conditions

Saturday June 6th:

  • Faro airport receiving flights, big stores, beaches, water parks for most part to reopen under extra safety conditions

We are assuming from July 1st many things will be back to 'normal' yet we will keep a close eye on the situation and inform you when more information is available.

Concluding on the Corana topic, we will be ready for you from June 6th and so is the most part of Portugal. Of coarse it will not be 100% back to normal and will we need to accept some extra safety measurements.

 Although things coming back to normal, we advice everybody to check latest flight company COVID-19 schedules and flight details. Here are some useful airline companies information links:





Summer 2020 is going to be everything but boring as we are preparing activities to complete your ITWA experience.

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