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Food, Detox & Yoga

This week is all about you!


A week to slow down and revive your mind, body and soul with fresh mountain air, salty seawater and warming rays of sunshine. Inhale the good stuff and exhale the bad (or whatever no longer serves you).

This mild, detoxing week, within the nature of the Algarve’s South West coast, will touch upon macrobiotics / Yin-Yang philosophy. One of the most important areas of macrobiotics is the division of life into five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Based upon your personal element, you will discover how to make food choices that are particularly nourishing for your body during any time of year.

Through cooking classes, workshops and joint diet consultations we will communicate and practice all the important information you need. There will be daily yoga lessons to detox and strengthen your body, sunrise hikes for improved blood circulation and of course lots of time to laugh, explore, relax in a hammock or enjoy the massage that’s included in this week.

The accommodation will be in our beautifully decorated tipi tents, a stone’s throw from our wonderful lake, underneath a thousand stars.


Karin Baank, mother of  two sons, has over 30 years experience in cooking balanced, tasty and colourful plant-based food. She is living proof that yoga practice and healthy diet keeps your mind, body and spirit young. She inspires a big crowd with her amazing knowledge of food and health and has been invited to share this knowledge, cooking classes, catering and food advice all over Europe. Karin cooks and teaches yoga based on the 5 elements and Ying Yang philosophy and loves to share her passion for this. (www.puurkokenmetpassie.nl)

Sonya, a chef for several Algarve yoga retreats, was a student of Karin at the Kushi Institute and revolutionised  her diet over 6 years ago. With that change of diet, came her new approach to life, becoming much more flexible and focused. The physical and mental benefits were so powerful that Sonya decided to begin sharing her recipes and started writing a blog to inspire others to cook plant-based food www.foodoo.info.

About Sonya

About Karin


What will the day look like?

  • 08.00   Yoga

  • 09.00   Breakfast, 

  • 10.00   Free time 

  • 11.00   Cooking classes 

  • 13.00   Lunch

  • 14.30   Free time / beach 

  • 18.30   Diner

  • 20.00   Sunset sound meditation

Personal take-aways of the week

  • Greater mental and physical flexibility.

  • A deeper understanding of how food relates to life energy.

  • Learn new insights on vegan cooking.

  • Recognise herbs to improve your health.

  • A body free of toxins.

  • Newly discovered energy.

  • Better understanding of your body type and what’s beneficial to eat.

For who?

People who enjoy healthy food, yoga, meditation, nature, herbs and those in need of some “me time”.


When is it?

June 23-30, 2018.

What’s the cost?

Package 1: shared tent with 2 other participants: €810,-

Package 2: shared tent with 1 other participant: €880,-  

Package 3: private tent: €1030,-

What's included?

  • Daily yoga sessions or hike.

  • Sunrise / sunset meditations.

  • Introduction to the 5 Element / Yin Yang philosophy.

  • Herb walk.

  • Healing massages.

  • 3 cooking workshops.

  • Joint diet consultation.

  • Making a personal tonic from gathered herbs.

  • Homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegan options available).

  • Unlimited water, tea and fruit.

  • Unique accommodation.

This week will not only inspire, it will provide the tools you need for a wonderful remainder of the year.

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