Dave Hemminga

Dave’s favourite drink is spring water. He loves nature documentaries and is our head of operations. He’s in charge of our branding and likes to reflect with our guests about their stay. In 2013 Dave, together with his wife Sonya and daughter, Jip, decided to “go green”, moving from Amsterdam to this rural, “into the wild” place. For more than a decade he owned a production company, creating audio visual content for international brands and ad agencies. According to Dave, ITWA is a unique project and a way to raise awareness and inspire others to reconnect with nature, whilst also having an unforgettable holiday!

Sonya Langedijk

Sonya loves making lattes, meditates while cooking and is our style guru. She’s the culinary brain behind our ITWA retreats and lives in a yurt together with Dave, Jip and Flint. Outside family life Sonya spends her time learning about medicinal wildflowers and plants, practices handicrafts, follows her green heart and snips away with her golden scissorhands, having been a professional hairdresser and running her own salon for almost 20 years. Want a wild haircut?

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